Jolanda ter Maten

My mission is to empower people using Blockchain insight and knowledge to create a great impact on business and society

Jolanda ter Maten connects and coordinates/organizes the necessary knowledge using a multi-disciplinary project team. With this team you will explore and, if desired, develop business opportunities and add great value to your business.

We help you to understand what Blockchain is, if and how it will affect your business, and which steps must be taken. We will guide you through this journey of digital transformation step-by-step with our proven Business Blockchain Blueprint.

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Exploring Knowledge

Discover Blockchain concepts and elements with the Advanced Investigation Activator 

Custom made programs to raise awareness and cultivate knowledge about Blockchain amongst the key players in your organization



Developing Knowledge

Leave this Deep Dive training with a hands-on plan that fits your organization with the  Proven Immersion Programme

During the Deep Dive training you will be fully immersed in
the subject and will leave the training with a hands-on plan
that fits your organization

Mastering Knowledge

Integrate Blockchain in your business with the Solid Implementation Solution

In just 5 days we will define with you what your business
challenge in this new decentralized and digital world. We will
explore the opportunities that Blockchain is offering you and
prototype a Blockchain solution for your organization

Integrating Knowledge

A Mastermind Programme where all the pieces come together with the Robust Integration Roadmap

We offer you a Mastermind Programme to accompany you on
your Blockchain journey with access to all the right
international key players in the (Blockchain) world

Blockchain Technology is disrupting existing business models and creating new ones. This creates many possibilities, but also challenges. Are you ready for it?

ARE YOU READY to learn about Blockchain Technology and its impact on your business?

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Media and Events

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I was interviewed by Michael Management on Blockchain

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Blockchain op de Basisschool

Blockchain les voor groep 7 van de Sterrenschool in Apeldoorn

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Kennissessie Blockchain Apeldoorn IT

Verslag van de kennissessie Apeldoorn IT door Koos Koerts

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